10 apps that will make your life easier with the press of a button

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8. Learn to read faster with the help of ZapReader

Has anyone ever read an entire paragraph in front of you before you’ve finished the first sentence? If the answer is yes, then ZapReader Speed-Reading is the answer to taking your reading to the highest possible speed. Speed reading allows you to consume information at a much higher rate and gives you time to consume even more material, and ZapReader offers a sure path to lightning-fast reading. Unlike older software, ZapReader has world-leading experts coaching you every step of the way, along with scientifically-designed exercises that retrain bad reading habits. If reading is a part of your everyday life for work or leisure, ZapReader is a lifelong investment now available at $46.96 (originally $652) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

9. Protect your online data with VPN Unlimited

Whether you’re looking to avoid targeted ads or you’re reading this on public WiFi, having a lifetime VPN subscription can eliminate many web-user woes. The KeepSolid VPN offers online privacy and anonymity without speed or bandwidth limits, allowing you to enjoy the freedom to browse without limits. With over 10 million users around the world, KeepSolid VPN offers solid cyber protection at only $46.09 (originally $261) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

10. Never forget another password again with Dashlane Password Manager

If you’re having trouble keeping all of your online passwords straight (or simply don’t feel like typing them in), Dashlane can remember your passwords for you—but that’s not the only thing the password manager app can do. Dashlane lets you instantly log into any website, generate unique passwords, make digital payments, securely store vital personal data, and so much more. Dashlane can now be purchased on sale for an affordable $35.45 (originally $78) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

Be sure to take advantage of the Labour Day holiday and indulge in one of these apps that will certainly have you working less with better results. Don’t forget to use code GOFORIT15 to unlock the 15 per cent off on all purchases for a limited time only.

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