May 29, 2020 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. People make thousands of decisions a day. Some are small and insignificant, others are big and potentially life-changing. Managers, business owners, and leaders make substantially more decisions than the average person and are regularly faced with makingRead More →

Ramsey Sayah isn’t the camping type. “I’m usually the kind of guy who books a flight and goes to vacation down south or to the U.S. or Europe,” said the 46-year-old owner of Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa. “I like hotels. I like fine dining.” But this weekend, Sayah will pick up a 32-foot Sunseeker recreationalRead More →

Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs Back in 2003, Nuvei chairman and CEO Philip Fayer received the Ernst & Young Award for Emerging Business for what was then Pivotal Payments, a company whose mission was to make payment processing more accessible to small and mid-sized businesses. Seventeen years later, Nuvei has 800 employeesRead More →