Here’s a better way to onboard new employees even if working from home

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Onboarding new employees is always a challenge for companies, as new people have to be brought in and brought up to speed in order to work efficiently alongside their coworkers. Unfortunately for new additions, onboarding is typically something all companies struggle with. According to Harvard Business Review research, “When executives are asked to score their companies on the seven steps of the recruiting and hiring process in good times, integration falls third to last, with a score of 3.4 on a 1-5 scale.” This means that companies have trouble onboarding employees when times are good and relatively stable, so with COVID forcing millions to work from home, the onboarding process just got that much more complicated.

However, there are ways to ensure that you do virtual onboarding the right way, and one of those ways would be with the Acadle Learning Management System. For $66.99, you can get lifetime access to Acadle and automate customer and employee onboarding with this comprehensive white-labeled academy builder.

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